Garage Door Installation

Get one step closer to the garage door or overhead door of your dreams.

Garage door installation

At NationServe® we don't just provide the right solution; we pull out all the stops to install garage and commercial doors. We have perfected the installation process to ensure it is as easy and painless for you as possible!

Residential garage door installation process:

  1. Style Selection: Design and test out your favorite styles on your home through our Garage Door Design Center.
  2. Pre-Installation Inspection: Once you’ve selected your door, we will schedule an on-site pre-installation check to evaluate your property.
  3. Installation: Your garage door will be installed and tested by a certified technician. This installation includes property cleanup and the removal of your old door.
  4. Maintenance: Our installers will give you our best advice on which Annual Maintenance Plan is recommended for your door, as well as answer any final questions or concerns you may have.

Commercial door installation process:

  1. Commercial Door Use Type: Identify what you need the door to achieve for your business.
  2. Quoting Process: Our Sales Team will work with you to source and quote the right commercial door for your operation.
  3. Site Inspection: A member of our team will work with you to schedule a site inspection date to ensure we know your building as well as you do.
  4. Installation: Our certified technicians will make sure your commercial door is delivered on time and installed according to the highest of standards.
  5. Maintenance: Our team will work with you to set up a maintenance schedule to keep your commercial doors and operators at peak performance.


From smart technology to traditional wall-mounted fixtures, getting in and out of your garage is more convenient than ever with Genie garage door openers and accessories.

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